A letter from Robert Barnes

Dear Patriots,

Thank you. I'm overwhelmed by your support, energized by your enthusiasm, humbled by your offer of donation. We at Barnes Law are so glad to know that so many Americans share our commitment to the freedoms my greAt grandfathers and yours fought and died to win. And, we feel encouraged that because of the shared commitment to these freedoms, shared with people who have written or called  my office this week, that those freedoms will be preserved despite the msm's attacks on us and now our children.

We're also most touched by your love and support for the covington families.

These families and their students have been ----- you write about families and what they've been through you write about how honored you are to represent them and the suffering they have endured in the past week.

It has long been my desire to contribute more of myself toward the conversations about freedom etc etc and I'm happy to have this platform. I've also long wanted to provide a forum for freedom loving voices, at times even considering hoisting an event to invite thought leaders from the conservative world who truly embrace --/ fill in blank

Seeing the support pour in and absorbing the passion from your letters and calls, i decided to create this site to allow you to have a voice, follow updates from the covington case, and for those who've offered to donate, a safe place to donate funds that you know will go to the cause of the covington kids and their families

These funds will be held in an account created by a npo that we are launching as a resource for conservative voices who are being suppressed.

It's a passion project that is still unfolding but it will create a brain trust of leading legal minds, expert PR and media strategists, and even crisis management advisors. This brain trust will be a resource for the next set of covington families,because  we all know that there will be more cases like covington, where conservatives are targeted and maligned and threatened. And this will also hopefully emerge as a forum for you to connect with conservative leaders you admire.

So, today we launch this in hopes that you will folllow the story of the kids as their case unfolds (we will post updates here) connect with others who share your passion for and commitment to freedom, and, should you ever  find yourself threatened  because of your conservative commitment, we hope you will find this site a resource for experts who are here to help.


Robert Barnes